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MADE TO WASTE at Biker Rock HQ... Oh fucking yes

Posted by Biker Rock Radio on Sunday, November 11, 2012, In : From the BRR Management 


Imagine if you will, the hot burning sensation of witnessing something so spine shatteringly awesome that it makes your hair stand on end. Seeing something so jaw droppingly amazing that words will simply  fail you. You can now imagine how I felt when one evening in November, MADE TO WASTE came to the Biker Rock Radio studio.


The band is split between Weston and Portishead, a quick trip down the M5 that by bike is only five or ten minutes! However, I was lucky enough to see them sever...

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Biker Rocks 1st un

Posted by Biker Rock Radio on Monday, March 5, 2012, In : From the BRR Management 

 Welcome to the Biker Rock madhouse, please pull up a comfy chair and warm your feet by the fire after that long ride. Heres a cup of tea and a doobie to keep ya going. Just waiting for the Beer to chill a little.

 Now sit back and listen to the finest music we can gather together for your listening pleasure - Classic Rock, Blues, Rock n Roll, Metal, Rockabilly, Punk, Gothic Rock, maybe even a little Ska and reggie. 

After all, Biker Rock Radio .Com is the soundtrack to our Biker way of life...

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