Alby the Biker Rock Owl

Alby is the Biker Rock Radio Mascot, she lives with CJ and Sister Sweary in the Shrubbery Studio, Weston.

She has a damaged wing, which happened in the nest, the breeder thinks one of Albys siblings stood on her wing and damaged it . She can still use the wing but is unable to fly..

She was born on the 1st of April 2011. Alby comes from the latin for Barn Owl - Tyto Alba

Alby is very friendly, a regular visitor to Weston Bike Nights, she has been on the back of a motorcycle but for safety she rides in a cat box.

She has also done School visits and she has brought joy to many as she is such a beautiful and well mannered bird.

Alby's Facebook Page

Wikipedia - Barn Owls

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