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The Cupid Stunts Green Baize Punk Festival, Feb 2013

February 20, 2013

Last week there was a punk festival at the Green Baize here in Weston Super Mare, called Cupid Stunts, an evening of wild bands and wilder music. With Sister Sweary being away at the Morgue for a change in her embalming fluid and Carol the Producer being busy producing, it looked like Biker Rock Radio staff were going to miss out. Luckily Alex the Student and DJ Ghost stepped up to the challenge of reporting back for us.



Cider Riot - very funny with the lyrics but every song was same tempo and sounded very much the same, good use of the kazoo though. Only 2 guys, both singing with one on bass, needed a little something extra such as a lead guitar to change the songs slightly. Huge audience of 6 to begin with which then slowly raised to 12 as the set continued. The event organiser dude guy seemed to be getting pissed off at them for the long intervals between songs and for over running slightly. Delivered as promised, half an hour of noise.

Cider Riot

51st Date - more up beat and punky than cider riot, still only a 2 piece band however. One drummer and one bass, but started with a problem with the drum kit, can only get better surely? Very enthusiastic singer and the drummer was very good. Easy to distinguish between the songs but they seemed to flow together. They had a larger audience that were there to see the punk of the evening and who also seemed to like these very much. Even though they had only a bass, he used it to great effect making it sound as if the band was bigger than it was, truly impressive.

51st state

This System Kills - change of style yet again, welsh singer, (although that shouldn't be held against him!) not really my sort of music, but the audience seemed to be enjoying it. Very fast tempo and had people up and dancing. The band seem to have an air of confidence and they know there stuff and make it sound very good, even got my feet tapping. Almost a cross between Green Day and Metallica. Very much an old school punk band. Seemed to change between punk and metal.

This System Kills

Brassick - female singer which made a pleasant change to the atmosphere, very fast tempo, proper punk rock, more jumpy than the others which worked well for them, more modern and very good. First time in Weston but they rocked the place a lot like the pretty reckless but more rocky. Got lots of head banging from the crowd. Amazing guitar solos throughout. Honestly seemed to just love what they are doing. Brilliant performance, had real presence on stage and didn’t just stay in the same place, they're all very animated.


What's The Point - proper old school punk, hair cuts and all, enthusiastic and just seemed happy to be there, very good at what they do, unique sound compared to the others, these are a proper good punk band. Utterly mad. Old school scary punk lead singer. Really easy to listen to and just got you moving.

Whats the point

Trigger McPoopshute - more of a rock and roll feel to them, not overly animated but good solid punk rock. Got people up and bouncing. Hard to distinguish between songs as they all sound very similar. Good band but possibly trying to hard. Had everyone up dancing so I could just be being cynical. Mr motherfucker was different and very good, a change for them which seemed to show them under a better light.

Trigger McPoopshoot

The Self Inflicted - less to get up and dance to, but does make you want to tap your feet and they are all moving around and engaging with each other which makes the performance better, the track change is noticeable but they blend together making watching them more enjoyable. But they are nothing overly special, the performance is good but nothing to set it aside from others of its type.

Filthy Rich - new age punk, moves around a lot, but doesn't really interact with crowd, has crowd up on feet and dancing around but that could be the horrendous amounts of alcohol in there system. Nothing really jumps out as outstanding but they do have the crowds attention.



Biker Rock Radio Broadcast from Scallys, Weston.

February 2, 2013
Biker Rock Radio in discussion

“Some where over the rainbow, way up high… Where was I? Oh Feck, need to stay calm, think nice thoughts and try not to eat your own fingers!” These were the thoughts going through my head last night (Friday 1st February, 2013) in Scallys as Biker Rock Radio worked alongside The Hand Of Doom in presenting a fantastic gig of furious metal with two of the best bands that the South West region has to offer. 

Yes, I am biased because I love Throne of Demise and Made to Waste for their musi...

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we had such a laugh

December 10, 2012

Saturday 8th December 2012.

The New Market Pub,


The Neuros Live.


The Neuros


Where do we start with this gig? I can wax lyrical about the aspects of fun, the different choice of songs or the unusual presentation of the music. However, although I will come to that later, what is more important for this review is that this was my very first gig with Biker Rock Radio’s very own Prof and what a lot of fun we had.


First of all, who are the Neuros?


Shaun                  Lead vocals an...

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Metal Night and Jayne swoons

December 5, 2012

Friday 30th November 2012


The Green Baize, Weston Super Mare.


Three bands


Ø  Metal Gods


Ø  Made to Waste


Ø  Angel Falls 


DJ Ghost, Alex and I decided that another Weston Gig was in order ad so took a trip back down to one of our favourite venues, the Green Baize in Weston. Of the three bands on offer, one was one we knew and loved and the other two were an unknown commodity that interested us. Originally, another of our favourite bands had been booked, but we will...

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Charity event at Chipping Norton Town Hall.

December 5, 2012

BlackMax and the Pirates.

Charity event at Chipping Norton Town Hall.

Saturday 24th November 2012

Reviewed by She Wolf



Heading off into the hills for a charity event, with a horrendous night of weather in tow did at first seem like a crazy idea, but it was all for a good cause. The Helen & Douglas House in Chipping Norton, a hospice for terminally ill Children and young adults was raising much needed funds with a night of musical entertainment. 

The first act on were a very young l...

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MADE TO WASTE at Biker Rock HQ... Oh fucking yes

November 11, 2012


Imagine if you will, the hot burning sensation of witnessing something so spine shatteringly awesome that it makes your hair stand on end. Seeing something so jaw droppingly amazing that words will simply  fail you. You can now imagine how I felt when one evening in November, MADE TO WASTE came to the Biker Rock Radio studio.


The band is split between Weston and Portishead, a quick trip down the M5 that by bike is only five or ten minutes! However, I was lucky enough to see them sever...

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Gig Report for November

November 2, 2012

The Biker Rock Radio Gig of the Month

Thursday 1st of November 2012

The Green Baize, Weston Super Mare.



It was another wild wet night in Weston when I ventured forth into the brutal cold for another gig at the Green Baize, a place that is really starting to become a place of love for me. I don’t know about you, but I had been told that there was a metal gig in a Snooker club, I would have been sceptical, but yet for as much as the Green Baize should not work, it is in fact fantasti...

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Another fantastic Weston Gig

September 11, 2012

Theories of Revolution

Throne of Demise

My Silent Wake




This was a special gig for us, taking my partners son Alex along for his first Death Metal gig was an honour and a privilege, seeing the last gig by Gelgothen was a sad yet triumphant day and seeing the fantastic My Silent Wake for the first time was a drop into the emotional heart of extreme music.


Now the Biker Rock Crew are starting to get noticed at gigs, we get a little a smile here or even an enthusiasti...

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Bike Night at Scallys, 16th August 2012

August 19, 2012

Throne of Demise.

This was the second time for me to see both of these bands, but it was the first time that I really noticed Throne of Demise and was witness to how much they really shine out as the professional and outstanding act that they are. The last time I saw them, they were the final act in a four band evening and frankly I was exhausted and had to head homewards, so seeing them again while I was fresh and awake was a real treat.

So, who are Throne Of Demise? Well, they are a ...

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Bloodstock, Metal to the Masses Battle of the Bands. Bristol Final. Thursday 12th July

July 13, 2012

Bands playing were       :- Fever Sea

                        :- Seprevation

                        :- Control the Storm

                        :- Somnus

The premise behind this gig was that the many bands in Bristol were competing for a place on the Bloodstock stage and even being sent out to Waken. With such a prize, was it any wonder that some very talented bands tried to get to the place?

Carol and I were invited to the final of the events by the organiser Lawrence and frank...

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