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  • The Reverend Steve - 

Rumoured to not exist but never to his face. Steve is the man behind the STF Group of which Biker Rock Radio is a part. 

Yes his bike is a dragon and yes it does breath Fire. Steve has been a biker for over 30 Years.


  • Carol Jadzia
 is BRRs Manager and Producer, You see her sat on her ZRX1100 called Noreen, she also has a ratty old GTR1000 called Rosie. She can normally be found sat in a shrubbery by the sea with her 'old lady' Sister sweary, Son Alex, 2 Cats and an Owl called Alby.
Carol has been riding over 30 years, is a qualified Motorcycle Instructor and Mechanic.


  • Sister Sweary 
was ordained as a Minister and felt that her time had come. She breathed deeply, inhaling the pungent aroma of suffering and decided that she liked it. She made a pact there and then, a pact that damned her soul to Darkness, for she was Ordained as an Atheist Minister. With no need of a God in her life and no rational scientific basis that could prove that one had ever existed, Sister Sweary set forth upon the world and spread the good news. There is no sin except for the sin of Ignorance. There is no act of love that is evil and there are far too many perverts telling people how to lead a sin free life! 
Sister Sweary enjoys playing black metal, Death metal and Gore metal, she enjoys roller skating, riding her Streetfightered SV650 and being a cunt to those darned Theists! Sister Sweary is also the Co writer of the Club, the critically praised (by her Mum) Weekly Comic Soap on Biker Rock Radio. She has two cats, a Barn Owl and a gorgeous wife who she loves above all others.  

  • Space Cookie, 

Somewhere in a parallel universe Spacecookie frequents its industrial peaks and gothic depths. Here you see a special peek of her as she passes by (we had to use special cameras to catch her as she passed through this dimension - hence the blurred image)

She materialises for a show every Friday from 6pm till 9 (GMT) in a fuzzy sorta way.

She is also an artist and is responsible for much of the Biker Rock art, including the Biker Alby pic.

Spacecookie on Facebook

  • Doctor Evil

 is another member of our clan, he can be found spinnin disks all over the net, we find great pleasure in him spinnin some for us, hope you do too, ENJOY!

On BRR Saturdays 9pm till Midnight (GMT)

  • RED59 - 

another frequent flyer on the cyber air waves Red brings his Zone to Biker Rock on Tuesdays from 9 till Midnight GMT and then he does a football special on a Saturday afternoon from 3pm GMT


  • Reverend Rejon Munchausen 

is the illegitimate offspring of Baron Myuni Munchausen the legendary World War Two occultist and a poor Devonshire serving wench in the employ of the Marquess of Bath. He spent many years as a quiet country vicar, happy with his small and aging flock until one day while surfing the internet he discovered the dark side...Rock...Metal...New-Wave...Prog....Doom....Drone! Shedding off his priestly ways he was drawn to the natural centre of all evil, Weston Super-mare, and was soon preaching a very different kind of sermon from the digital pulpit of Biker Rock Radio! 

Strong language, dark and crude humor and some very eclectic music choices await anyone who dares to listen: Saturday 6-9pm is the Rock and Metal show, Sunday 7-11pm is the Chillout show. Guest co-hosts are frequent and more often than not at least as warped as the good Reverend himself " 

Revrend Munchausen on Facebook


  • D J Ghost –
 Was born sometime in the past somewhere possibly on Earth. Failed the final audition for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as shouting BOO at people wasn’t deemed scary enough. Lives with his wife the fantastic Kitty and Shadow the mad cat. Loves Bikes, Punk and Metal music as well as some other genres. Host of D J Ghost’s Punk and Metal show Mondays 9-midnight GMT

DJ Ghost on Facebook

  • Rock Pit DJ from County Durham UK
Rock Pit DJ has ran public houses in County Durham and understands the live music scene in her area. Now branching out into the MCC Rally DJ scene, looking for more experience and FUN TIMES!!! The music range for Rock Pit is from a plethora of different music genres from Classic Rock, Blues, Metal, Thrash, Ska through to some WEIRD & WONDERFUL MASH-UPs courtesy if Wax Audio.....and she LARVES her covers versions as some seem better than the originals....\m/
Rock Pit is on Biker Rock Radio on Mondays at 5pm until 9pm BST playing whatever the hell she likes....& requests of course. On Thursdays from 9pm until Midnight she attempts a Rock & Metal Chart....she is Geordie, Bad Tempered, Snappy, Rude, Confident, Funny, Unthoughtful, stubborn and down right EXCITABLE....why not join the DJ's for a chat at do me a FAVOUR and NEVER ask for any Mainstream Hip Hop/Dance FLAVA!!

  • Alex the Biker Rock Radio roadie. 
Alex is Carols Son and deservs a mention as he is a great help with Biker Rock Roadshows. Takes a full crew to put up the stage tent but even for the Weston Charity Bike Nights Alex trys to come and help.  He is pictured sat on Yoshi his DT50

  • The Professor 

Has just joined the ranks of the Biker Rock Crew on Two Wheels. The Prof likes to take the piss, join him and his dry wit every Sunday from 4 till 7pm (GMT) for his Random hour. A great Sunday afternoon Laugh.


  • miss scarlette
once a prima ballerina she was tempted into a demons clutches, 
and once his lust was satiated he left her in the darkness of the moonlight.
tormented by devils and hellish metal she has a 
confusion about her past and her new life in the hellish nightmare of her reality.


  • She Wolf

 happened to be passing BRR and fell through the door and became hooked!. It soon became obvious that she belonged with the BRR family and with her passion for more Rock than any shop in Weston, She wanted to merge her Wolf Band & Music Promotions group within the radio station and promote all the unsigned artists on the ladder to musical heaven on her show


Born and bred in Essex (and proud of it!) she was influenced from an early age by her dad’s music and, even at the age of 3, her favourite was the Flash Gordon soundtrack by Queen.  Her tastes may have evolved over the years but so has her passion for the music. Metal is in her blood and, as someone once said to her, she is “so metal” that when she dies they won’t have to bury her….they will just have to melt her down!  Her total metal show proves just that…..3 hours of non-stop, pure classic, old school and modern day METAL at its best! \m/
If you can't have a laugh what's the point

Biker Rock Radio are always looking out for new DJs if you are one and are interested in joining the Biker Rock Crew then please drop us a line - 

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