Musicians that deserve a mention on BRR

A place for Bands we have featured on BRR and we think  deserve a mention. 

Not the main stream well known stuff (could easily fill it with pics of Floyd, Sabbath, Zep ect.) but good bands trying to make a living by entertaining us and who we think need to reach a wider audience.


VAMPYROUSS are a Gothic Romance band from North Devon, England who have been creating their dark, ambient soundscapes since January 2002. 

Vampyrouss can claim the BRR DJ ~ Rev Munchausen as one of it's members.

 Combyne Arvester. 

Oo'ar! 'Arvester welcomes thee

All the great rock classics on Cider. Great 'yockle' band from the wilds of zummerset.

The Boyscout

Cool German Biker Rocker.

he new Album “Blood Red Rose – A Rock Fantasy” will be released on June 6th 2012 via SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution.
On March 22nd you can can enjoy THE BOYSCOUT’S outstanding BIKER HYMN – “Bikers Feeling” here on Biker Rock Radio.



BRR is proud to present these Metal Rockers from Copenhagen/Denmark 

Devils Creek 

Cornish High octane Blues Rockers

Do we need to say more? Inspired by the classic guitar driven Blues Rock of the late 60's and 70's Well worth a listen and they are on the playlist. 

Stevie Simpson 

Legendary Musician - one man. one mandolin entertaining a Bash full of Bikers, very telented and entertaining Biker. 

6 Prong Paw 

American young Psychedelic Metal Heads that show promise.

From Hastings. Michigan in the US of A.

 Artists and Bands

If you would like to be featured here please Contact Biker Rock  

and if We like what we hear We will give you some airplay.

Disclaimer - We reserve the right, if we don't like your music, to use your CD as a coaster until such time as Alby  poo's on it and it gets thrown away 

and as Bikers we reserve the right to not have to explain to you why! 

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